What is Bookface?
Bookface is a membership web site dedicated to finding you the best recommendations from our members' ratings and letting you store and review your own book collections
Why did you start Bookface?
We wanted to start an independent book curation and recommendation web site. We saw some shortcomings in the current offerings and we thought we could do better. We're passionate about books and reading too.
Is Bookface free?
Yes. Bookface is free to join.
How will you make money?
We're going to introduce paid tier. For a few ££ you'll be able to create your own private groups, add custom collections and follow other users with similar book reading tastes to you.
Is there a limit to the number of books I can add to my collection?
Not at the moment. You can add as many books as you like.
What are Groups ?
Groups are just Social Groups set up for like minded individuals which you can join and contribute to. You can add your own Group if you like
Do you really use Artificial Intelligence?
Yes, for some of our recommendations. We run an algorithm each night that uses deep learning to find and match books you might like using a process called collaboartive filtering. This basically means that Bookface will recommend books to you based on the ratings of other similar users to you.
I've got a question. How do I contact you?
Please use the Contact Form which you can locate at the bottom of every page.
Why is it mandatory to give a rating for every book I've read?
Bookface is 100% dependent on your reviews to enable us to make accurate recommendations to other users. The more ratings we get, the better the recommendations that we'll be able to give.
I'm not getting any recommendations.
You need to add and rate at least one book to get recommendations.
How come I always get a full set of recommendations? It seems unlikely that someone else has the same favourite book as me.
Bookface recommendations are an "ensemble" of different algorithms. We'll always try and give you at least 5 recommended books - but starting with the selection method you've prioritised.
What are Collections ?
Collections are our users' sets of books. You can use our Explorer tool to see what's popular (and not so popular) and who has that book in their collection - identified by our user's Display name only.
I don't want my book collection shown
Please edit your Profile and opt-out. Be advised that we will still use your data anonymously to make recommendations to others though.
Is my data secure?
Completely secure. Your data is hosted on Microsoft Azure, so it’s as secure as it can get. Our servers are protected both physically and electronically. Any connection between you and us is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. We take and store the minimum amount of data we need function - and we don't receive or store any sensitive or financial data.
I want to leave Bookface
We're sorry to see you go…but that's ok. If you edit your Profile, you'll find an UnRegister option. Just select that - but you'll always be welcome to rejoin :-)