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Jun 17, 2021
When I was young my mother rarely talked about her youth, but the things she did share were awful. It was a childhood filled with trauma, so much and so heinous that she would probably score a three or higher on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Quiz. For those are aren’t familiar, the ACEs Quiz distills […]
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Nov 20, 2020

I often think of the work I do in peer support for transgender people as helping others get the locks off their minds. Those locks are whatever prevents us from being—and loving—our true self, and very often these locks are in place because of trauma. I know how powerful trauma can be, because it has […]

The post The Book That Marked the Beginning of My New Sense of Self first appeared on Literary Hub.

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Aug 28, 2020
It was the second week of grad school, and I nervously followed my professor into her office. Outside, the September afternoon was scorching, and as we sat across from one another within the room’s stifling air, I tried to figure out how to begin. There was so much I needed to say to this woman, […]
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Jul 09, 2020
There are clothes I buy aspirationally, not the sort of garments I know I’d feel at home in but rather pieces that are a proposition, a challenge, a question, Can I wear that? They produce a delicious sense of unease, which only serves to heighten my attraction to them, because I know they have the […]
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