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Feb 17, 2021

From spellbinding love stories to a memoir that shook the British establishment, Michael Cashman shares his favourites, touching on persecution, freedom and friendship

Russell T Davies’s brilliant TV series It’s a Sin has ensured that right on time for LGBT+ history month comes a story of the HIV/Aids pandemic. It is a powerful reminder of hope, loss, abandonment and callous opportunism by the anti-LGBT brigade – including politicians and the media – and of misrepresentation on a gargantuan scale. It also shows how a community fought back against deniers as well as those in power.

But this is not history for those of us who lived through it. I still see the faces of the friends who died, and vividly remember Ian Charleson’s last heroic performance as Hamlet in the final weeks of his life. I still feel the support and love that were shared. Eighteen months before the pandemic I’d been in New York, a centre of the HIV virus, so for a while I waited and observed to see whether I was infected; but I had been lucky.

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