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Top 10 classic stories retold | Ali Benjamin

From Zadie Smith’s new take on Howards End to Michael Cunningham’s reworked Virginia Woolf, these tales refresh books we thought we knew

It takes some audacity to retell a beloved classic. Classics, after all, endure for good reason; why mess with them? Plus, readers are often fiercely attached to the originals; why mess with them? When well done, though, retellings explore familiar themes with fresh eyes, deciphering a new world from the comfort of a trusted narrative, or expanding the literary canon to readers who have traditionally been excluded.

The writer faces an array of choices, all fraught: where is the line between honouring and exalting, borrowing and blighting? Which elements are essential, and which can be discarded?

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Lit Hub Asks: 5 Authors, 7 Questions, No Wrong Answers

The Lit Hub Author Questionnaire is a monthly interview featuring seven questions for five authors w...

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A Q&A with James Rebanks on English Pastoral

In his new book English Pastoral, the author of the beloved The Shepherd's Life, James Rebanks, reco...

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What the US Could Learn From the Eastern Band Cherokee Indians’ Pandemic Response

Amid a pandemic, I became the only published novelist member of my tribe (tribe meaning American Ind...

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Frank Dikötter on Dictators

Dictators, our Non-fiction Book of the Month for August, offers a crisp and acute analysis of twenti...

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Not the Booker: Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell - a moving portrayal of grief

An imaginatively daring portrait of the loss of Shakespeare’s son is intensely felt, but at times r...

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People power: the best books about the allure of crowds and community

Whether it is the blitz or an earthquake, riots or pandemics, our collective bonds are often forged ...

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