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Chatting with GPT-3 about Jack Reacher

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At we're always using the latest and greatest technology using AI  We also love reading by the way - and Jack Reacher is one of our favourites (even if they did try and ruin it by casting Tom Cruise in the lead role!).  This Top 10 is a bit different though.  It was generated using  GPT 3 from Open AI.  If you haven't heard of GPT 3 - try this article. In the meantime, here's what GPT 3 thinks.  I think it made a pretty good job.  Jack Reacher would be proud (provided he's had his coffee).

AI: I am an AI created by OpenAI. How can I help you today?

Human: What are the top 10 Jack Reacher books and why?

AI: Okay. First one is One Shot by Lee Childs. It was the first novel by Lee Childs featuring Cruise and about him emerging as a leader for the group. The story takes place primarily in the American city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and on the South Fork of Long Island in New York. This book was published in 1996.

Human: Interesting.  What's next?

AI: Second on the list is Worth Dying For by Lee Childs. Jack Reacher said, 'Haven't done that yet.' In this book, Lee describes Reacher being trained as a soldier and in boxing and martial arts. This book crossed the boundary between genre fiction and literary fiction and became much more popular than Lee Childs' previous novels. It was an immediate international best seller. The story takes place primarily in New York City, Georgia, and Margrave, Alabama. It was published in 1997.

Human: What's number three?

AI: Maden of the Dragon coming in third is a book of short stories written by Lee Childs. The main theme in his short stories is that people who hurt other people come to bad ends. This book covers actions in London, Paris, Nova Scotia, and California. It was published in 1997.

Human: Is it a Jack Reacher book?

AI: It is the 4th but yes. The Hard Way was written by Lee Childs and first published on 6 October 1997. Jack Reacher must battle a giant in order to save his friend from this guy. This book takes place primarily in the American city of New York City and its suburbs. It was Lee Childs's second published novel featuring Reacher. Jack Reacher is the protagonist.

Human: Jack Reacher is always the protagonist

AI: Book number five is Jack Reacher's Rules by Lee Childs. The book introduces several elements of what has become Childs's signature "Reacherese" style, including detailed notes at the start of each novel, a reoccurring theme of the number 5 (Jack Reacher's favorite number), and an explanation for Reacher's love of pork pie hats at the end. Other than those differences, this book is very similar to Childs's other novels. Book takes place in New York City, Georgia, and Margrave, Alabama.

Human: Where is Killing Floor on the list?

AI: The sixth on the list is Killing Floor by Lee Childs. Also, it is the only novel written solely by Childs. Jack Reacher is looking for work and decides to wander around town. He notices a mixed martial arts studio called The Junkyard. He enters into the studio and sees four men beating up one participant of the group. He talks to the owner of the studio, Michelle Chang. She gives Reacher a job and he starts training.

Human: How many to go?

AI: 7th is Tripwire by Lee Childs. In the book, Reacher has walked into a trap, with Michelle Chang, a woman he considered very much a friend and who might be falling for him (he's an expert on that), in danger.

Human: How many to go?

AI: Next is Without Fail by Lee Childs. The only common ground Reacher and the other three men have is that each had spent the night with Margaret Coe, the director of Human Rights Watch for the Middle East, who dropped out. However, Reacher also notes a large fire the previous night. He goes to the bureau and determines that Jay Knox was the agent assigned to protect her and discovers he was killed. He was reassigned to protect the other members of her team. Reacher suspects that the assassin will strike again that night and tries to warn the other agents.

Human: Got it. Next one?

AI: Echo Burning by Lee Childs is about Jack Reacher–the man from the secret agency that knows where the bodies are buried. They sent him on a mission. But now Reacher wants out. He's seen enough – and he thinks the American dream soured for good.

Human: Can you tell me some more about Echo Burning?

AI: Sure. In the opening chapters of the novel, Lee Childs introduces Reacher to the readers. He is not your typical hero. Rather, he is atypical. Reacher is a drifter. He hiked out West from Fort Dix in New Jersey and has ended up in Margrave, Georgia. From there, he wants to move on. "I'm moving on, Jack Reacher said. I've been thinking about it for a while. I want to be by myself for a while. I'm tired of working with others." Later, Reacher explains that he does not need people yelling at him all the time because he wants to explore the world and figure out who he is.

Human: He's an interesting character

AI: The series continues with Worth The Change by Lee Childs. Second in a series by Lee Childs, the novel starts with Reacher hitchhiking, eight miles down the road from Alice, when he sees that most of a family has been killed. Not only that, the criminal who did it is still around – the killer is going to shoot anyone he comes across. So begins what becomes an action-packed and exciting story.

Human: Any more?

AI: Persuader by Lee Childs is third in a series by Lee Childs. When a wise and kindly old man who helped him as a child dies, Reacher travels to his funeral. He hires Dakota to drive him back. On the way there, two men try to kill them but fail. Reacher starts to investigate, and discovers that the old man had ties to organized crime. When one of the criminals from Florida arrives to town, he suspects that maybe someone is after something or someone else important. Then they may be right.

Human: Is that the last one?

AI: No. Personal by Lee Childs is the fourth in a series by Lee Childs. Jack Reacher is sitting in the Burger City parking lot, minding his own business. But after checking up on an old friend and colleague from his old special unit, Army Major Susan Turner, he finds out that the Army thinks she murdered two people. He decides to travel to see her for himself to learn what is going on. He hopes that maybe together, they can figure out who really did it. But soon, Reacher also becomes a suspect.

Human: Which is the best one?

AI: The Enemy. Lee is an exceptional writer. His focus on details, description, and action make the dialogue of his characters come to life. Reacher is a mysterious character. Because of that, I like this novel. It is the second novel by Lee Childs. Human also appeared at the beginning.

Human: Thank you.  I think that is at least 10

AI: You're welcome. Goodbye!


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